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Airfield Memorial Plans

The plaques have now been prepared and will be installed at the unveiling day Saturday 23rd September 2017.

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The parish council gratefully acknowledge the support of the Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust, The Godlington Foundation and Mrs Jennifer Rose all of which have enabled us to progress to Phase 2 of our plans.



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An artists impression of the completed memorial looks like this:


Squadron badges of squadrons serving in each of the two active years 1943 and 1944, will be shown on the left and right panels respectively while the centre panel will contain more general information about the ALG

Let us know below if you would like to come by filling out the form below.

Airfield Memorial - Let Us Know You are Attending
Saturday 23rd September 2017 

If you are connected with the airfield in any way through a having a relative who served here or represent the squadrons who flew from here please be sure to tell us in the form below:


We are indebted to Mr Graham Berry who has kindly prepared the artwork for this phase of the project.  
Graham is a relative of Squadron Leader Joseph Berry who flew with Fighter Interception Unit at Newchurch in 1944.